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Archive for How To Use a Journyx Feature Training Webinars

This archive includes past webinars for how to use specific features in Journyx products.

Tracking time worked on projects is only one reason customers use Journyx to track their time.  Many customers are also interested in tracking holiday and PTO time. In this 30 minute webinar, we will review the different features for tracking time away from the office. Specifically, we will cover:

  • Leave requests
  • Tracking and calculating employee accrual balances
  • Scheduling company holidays

The Payroll Rules Engine (PRE) is a module for Timesheet that produces payroll-provider specific export files containing all of your company’s payroll data collected by Timesheet, with an option to preview and validate that data in a custom report. The PRE export file can be uploaded directly to payroll providers that support direct uploads and sent manually to those that require manual submission. The PRE’s default setup is for ADP, but Journyx Professional Services can configure the PRE to work for most other payroll providers, so if you’re not using ADP, don’t worry. Just inquire about what’s involved in modifying the PRE to work for your situation.

In this 30 minute webinar, we will review the PRE in Journyx Timesheet to make sure that you understand how to set it up based on Pay Groups. Specifically, we will cover:

  • Initially setting up the PRE
  • Organizing your users so that the correct rules apply to them
  • How to review and export data out of the PRE

Journyx has designed a set of automation tools specifically for government contractors who need DCAA-compliant processes. This 30 minute webinar will cover the Journyx tools and configuration options that assist with designing compliant processes. We will look at what each tool is used for, as well as how to set it up.

Some of the processes we will cover include:

  • Audit levels for correcting time records
  • Daily reminders for time entry compliance
  • Options for printed materials for audit support
  • Supervisory monitoring of daily compliance

Asking employees to complete their timesheet is only one piece of the puzzle.  Approving that time helps ensure accuracy of the data before you process the time for project accounting, billing or payroll purposes. In this 30 minute webinar, we will look at the following concepts and tools that are available for approving timesheets:

  • Timesheet approval
  • Timesheet approval creation process – including email notifications
  • Project-based approval
  • Project-based approval creation process – including email notifications
  • Organization Compliance Viewer – Graphical representation of the approval process for your organization
  • User Compliance Report – Formally known as the sheet status report

A primary reason customers use Journyx is for capturing accurate employee time and expense data for project cost accounting.  For those who are using Microsoft Dynamics GP, the Journyx Accountlink integration allows them to set up their Journyx site using their GP data.  It then allows them to pass back the actual time and expense information to GP for total project cost accounting. In this 30 minute webinar, we will look at the following basic concepts:

  • How to set up a new Journyx site using GP data
  • How the GP fields map to the Journyx fields
  • Employee time and expense entry based on the GP data passed to Journyx
  • How to send actual time and expenses back to GP for posting

In this 45 minute webinar, we will take a comprehensive look at the reporting functionality within Journyx, including using Journyx Reportlink, to make sure that you understand everything you need to know to run any type of report. 

Specifically, we cover:

  • General Reporting Review
  • Review the different report types
  • Modifying a report
  • Running a report in different formats (HTML, printable, Cube Report, plain text)
  • Exporting data to Excel

Reportlink specific information:

  • Data and reports available in Reportlink
  • How to create a new Reportlink template
  • Text/pivot and graphical report sample templates

Journyx Accountlink for QuickBooks enables your accounting and HR team to transfer Employees (users), Customer Jobs (projects), Service Items (activities), etc. to Journyx. This enables end users to quickly and accurately log their time and reimbursable expenses in Journyx. The time and expenses can then be transferred back to QuickBooks for payroll or billing purposes. In this webinar, we take a deep dive into what Accountlink is and what it can do for you and your company. Specifically, we cover: 

  • Configure Journyx and QuickBooks for use with Accountlink
  • Run an Accountlink sync to see employees and customer jobs get created in Journyx
  • Run an Accountlink sync to see time and expense data go from Journyx back to QuickBooks
  • Take a comprehensive look at various configuration options and what they mean

Learn more about tracking your project and employee-reimbursable expenses in Journyx during this training session. 

We cover the following components of the expense tracking process: 

  • Setting up expense entry screens and assigning them to employees 
  • Creating conversion rates for tracking mileage and different currencies 
  • Entering expenses and mileage as an employee 
  • Using credit card statements to create an expense report 
  • Approving employee expenses 

Presenter: Meredith Zachritz, Director of Product Management, Journyx Inc.

The Journyx "Groups" feature is a very powerful and flexible feature that determines most of what you can see and do in the Journyx system. This webinar reviews:

  • The various ways groups are designed and used, including groups by employee type or department, supervisor reporting groups and project access groups.
  • How groups affect access and reporting based on a user's role in each group.
  • How to create and edit groups in the Journyx system.

Presenter: Jessica Lopez, Training and Implementation Engineer, Journyx Inc.

Do you have complex time and expense tracking needs that require additional reporting? With Journyx Reportlink, you can turn your reports up to 11 by expanding the reporting functionality of Journyx into Microsoft® Excel®. During this training webinar, we will show you how Reportlink will help you: 

  • Sync data dynamically from Journyx to Microsoft® Excel® for intuitive, quick and simple expense and time tracking reports.
  • Generate robust, advanced reports, pivot tables and visually dynamic graphs.
  • Create custom templates, update your Journyx data with the click of a button, and save the results as sharable employee time tracking Excel® files that can be tailored to Journyx user-specific security settings.

Presenter: Rhonda McAulay, Existing Customer Account Manager, Journyx Inc.

Journyx 11.5 is here, and we’ll be giving you a tour of all the new functionality that will make the job of approving and processing timesheets even easier! Plus, we’re introducing two new ways to help your employees fill out their timesheets quickly and easily.

During this training webinar, we’ll show you:

  • A new interim approval process workflow for submitting work in progress for approval
  • New import tools for currency and mileage conversions
  • A new custom role ability to provide add/remove option for Accruals management
  • Improved formatting for printing timesheets from the browser
  • The new Journyx Suggestions app for the Zapier integration platform (including a sync with Google Calendar)
  • The new Journyx Timer extension for Chrome for tracking time on tasks right from your browser and syncing it back to your timesheet