This message is to notify you that Journyx has identified a problem with Journyx v12.7.0 and Journyx Mobile that causes time entry amounts to double in the mobile app. 


This issue affects both the Android and iOS versions of the mobile app for organizations that are on Journyx 12.7.0 and utilize certain entry screen conditions. The entry screen conditions that can cause time to double are as follows: 


-Entry screen columns are not in default numeric order from top to bottom (0, 1, 2, 3 , 4) 

-Entry screen columns that are NOT groups have the hidden box checked/are not shown on the entry screen


You can verify if your organization meets these conditions by logging in as an administrator and going to Settings > Customize Entry Screens > Time entry screens


Select the screen your users are currently utilizing for their mobile entry in this case


This will open up a list of settings where you will need to scroll to the bottom to check the conditions. The two conditional areas are highlighted below. 

In the example screen shot above, all non-group columns are shown in the default order. If your settings have any non-group columns hidden and/or your columns are not in the default order, please read on for more instructions. 




The behavior we have observed with this issue is that when users enter time within the mobile app, saving their entry causes their weekly time entries to double. Development is currently working diligently to correct this error and prevent further mobile entry interruptions. As our team works on this issue, we have looked into alternative methods of time tracking for users who primarily use their mobile devices. 


The best alternative method is tracking time via the users' mobile web browser (chrome, safari, firefox, etc). For this method users will only need to open up their web browsing app, enter the organization URL, and then log in as normal. If your users see issues with the visual formatting of the time entry screen, this can be changed using their browser options menu. In most cases, the options menu will appear as 3 dots either in the upper righthand or lower righthand corner. Once the options menu is selected you will see a setting for "Desktop Site" which when turned on will re-format the site in their mobile browser to match how it would appear if they were logged in on a PC browser.