Project Resource Management for Journyx

Journyx PX takes all of the core functionality of Journyx and adds the ability to forecast costs, revenues and resource availability for future projects.

Journyx PX is resource management software that provides work and financial forecasting for a complete picture of project and budget status, employee time and availability. Journyx PX supercharges your project cost accounting by estimating and tracking at the resource level. Journyx PX integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Project, as well as most other business systems, offering much of the functionality of other enterprise-level systems at a fraction of the cost.

Who Can Benefit from Journyx PX?

Journyx PX is designed to help any organization that needs to simplify the management of multiple projects for its

scarce, skilled workforce.

  • You need to complete projects on time, within budget, and to know when projects are out of scope.
  • You need to know if your team is working on the projects that are the most profitable for your company’s overall strategy and mission.
  • You have a mixture of long term, capital projects that require very detailed schedules and planning as well as smaller projects that require very light schedules and simple resource assignments.
  • You need to allocate scarce staff resources among competing projects while avoiding the complications of overbooking.

What Journyx PX Provides

Successful project execution requires doing two things very well: tracking and managing the progress of your current projects, and estimating your future projects more accurately. Journyx PX drives your projects to success by providing accurate information about time spent on projects, schedule updates, estimated time to complete, who is responsible for the work and how the work is done.

Journyx PX provides:

  • Project Resource Management
  • Project Actual Work Reporting
  • Billable Time Reporting
  • A Central Repository for Project and Resource Data
  • Material and Reimbursable Expense Tracking
  • Project Cost Accounting
  • Real-Time Status Reporting
  • Overhead and Leave Tracking
  • Integration with Microsoft Project™ and ERP, Accounting, HR, & Payroll systems
  • A Dashboard for Quick Review of Work Status 

How Project Teams Interact with Journyx PX

Following are examples of the screens and tasks that typical project teams, supervisors, and executive sponsors
will encounter in Journyx PX. 

Project Managers
Using Journyx PX, your organization’s Project Managers gain access to real-time project and productivity data for decision support. Supplementing this view are project alerts that notify PMs when a schedule slips, or when a resource is over allocated or requests additional time to complete a specific task. Journyx PX also provides visibility into team member schedules and the ability to assign resources based on availability, skill, location, or other criteria. Thanks to its highly-integratable nature, your PMs can continue to take full advantage of other systems, including Microsoft Project and Project Server. 

Project Team Members
Project Team Members benefit from an integrated, simple-to-use yet precise time and expense entry, available from any location that has an internet connection. Your team gains visibility into their current assignments along with the ability to update their project status and estimated time to complete specific tasks. 

Department Managers
With automated approval workflows and visibility into team member availability, your organization’s Department Managers can approve requests for additional time, communicate with resources and accurately schedule future projects. 

Journyx PX gives executives the data they need to make decisions effectively. On an organization-wide level, Journyx PX leads to increased earnings through greater accuracy and resource utilization. 

Find Out More

For more information about Journyx PX, call 1-800-755-9878 to speak with an account representative.