Specific documentation for your site and your version of Journyx can always be found under the Help menu on any Import screen, or from the Table of Contents.

The import documentation contains sections for each type of import process (Users, Projects, Dependencies) which are split into different links for different uses as well as a general overview of the process. The primary links needed are the file formatting and template links, which will provide a blank excel sheet for import usage as well as formatting instructions for how to fill said sheet. 

The Help Documentation for Imports in version 11.x can be found according to the pathway below

The Help Documentation for Imports in versions 12.0 and up can be found through the pathway below

Once in the help documentation, search for the particular type of import you are looking to perform and you should see the specific import documentation for that import type. If you run into additional issues/questions with your import process, please feel free to reach out to Journyx Support for further assistance.