Journyx JX & PX

Release: 2023H2 (v13.1.0)

Date: October 2023


Journyx is consistently on a quest to improve and upgrade our products and customer experiences, with two major releases each year. Journyx JX/PX version 13.1 provides a new framework for improved cloud-to-cloud integration, mobile job start/stop tracking and resource assignment by percent of available time.


Updates in Journyx JX & PX

Cloud to Cloud Integration Framework 

  • New cloud integration framework provides options for managing 3rd party integration connections and settings in your Journyx system 
  • Updated Azure authentication provides improved performance for single sign-on, suggestions and connections to Microsoft cloud solutions, including verified publisher status with Microsoft 
  • Full asynchronous task management through Amazon simple service queue for running processes that do not impact your production performance 

Mobile Job Start/Stop Tracking for Field Services 

  • Easy, detailed job start/stop tracking in the Journyx mobile app for employees working various jobs throughout the day in the field  
  • Quick option to jump from tracking one job to the next with a single click  
  • Browser-based review for supervisors and approvers of job start/stop details for job time entered from the field 

PX Assignment by Percent of Available Time 

  • Make project-task assignments based on task hours or percent of a selected resource’s available time for the task period 
  • Review existing assignments based on the percent of available time they represent for assigned resources 
  • Customize calculation of available time by choosing to include/exclude overhead, other project-task assignments, etc. 
  • View resource schedule/time commitments as a percentage of total time available in new data feed available in Excel/Reportlink 

NOTE: Journyx no longer supports the Internet Explorer browser.   Microsoft no longer updates Internet Explorer.  Journyx is supported on modern versions of Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Journyx 13.1.0 is only available for cloud customers.  For more information about the Journyx 13.1.0, please contact your account representative at +1 800-755-9878 or