In a default install of Journyx, API Key authentication is disabled.  An Administrator must first turn on the ability to use an API Key, and must then grant the ability to create API Keys to users.

Enable API Keys

  1. As an Administrator in Journyx, go to Settings -> System settings -> Security settings.
  2. In the Security section check the box for Allow User API Keys to authenticate API requests. Can be used in lieu of passwords for service integrations such as with Zapier.
  3. Set the Maximum number of days before an API key expires and must be renewed. Default and Max is 180 days but this can be set to a shorter time.

Grant users the ability to generate API Keys

  1. As an Administrator in Journyx, go to Settings -> Manage fields and roles -> Customize system roles.
  2. First try to locate two roles called: API Key Generate and API Key Sign In.  If you have these two roles, simply assign them to users.
  3. To assign the roles to a user, go to Manage -> User Accounts -> Manage Users. Click on the user you wish to give the roles to.
  4. Within the user management screen, click on the drop down arrow next to Roles, then select the API Key Generate and API Key Sign In role. Once the roles are selected, scroll to the bottom and click Save

Instructions for users to create API Keys

  1. Once a user has been granted the correct API key roles, then they can create an API key by signing into Journyx, clicking their name in the top right corner, and going to My settings
  2. Scroll to the bottom and under the Security and Identity section, click on Create a new API Key
  3. Give the API Key a name (optional), set the expiration date, and click OK
  4. Copy the API Key generated as this will be used as your password for services that don't allow for SSO login
  5. For any services that don't allow SSO login, such as Reportlink, Journyx Scout, or API access, use the following for your login:
    1. Username - Journyx login/username
    2. Password - API Key that you generated