Web Server: On Windows, Journyx recommends using Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) as the web server for Journyx. This feature can be found on your Windows installation media. Please see the "Configuring the Web Server" article for details. The Lighttpd web server is included as an alternative and is fully supported. However if IIS is installed, Lighttpd cannot run on port 80 unless IIS is configured to not use that port. 

Permissions: You must have local Administrator rights on the Windows system to install Journyx. Your user must be a member of the local Administrators group or its equivalent. Journyx highly recommends that you create a dedicated local administrator account and use that account to install and manage the application. Backups, patch and maintenance installs and general administration can only be performed by the installing user. To protect against problems when an installing user is not available in the future, avoid installing with a personal administrator account. Once installed under IIS, the application normally runs under a dedicated Application Pool identity automatically generated by the system. When installing patches or updates to Journyx, you should be logged into Windows using the same user account that you originally installed with (the “install user” account.)


Database Drivers: If you wish to use a Microsoft SQL Server database connection, you must install either the SQL Native Client 2012 drivers, or the MS ODBC 13 drivers, on the Journyx server. You must use at least the 2012 version of Native Client drivers, as mentioned in the “Configuring the Database on Windows” article, or else use MS ODBC 13 or higher.