Journyx Accountlink will generate log files during execution that Journyx Support may need to help resolve a problem.  Depending on what version of Accountlink you have these logs will be in different places.  Below are their locations.  To access these locations the easiest way will be to use the Run dialog, like so:

1. Hold down the Windows key ( between your Alt and Ctrl keys ) and press R.

2. A window that looks like the following will pop up.

3. Find your version of Accountlink below and copy the text below it and paste it in the box, like below

4. Click OK or hit Enter.  

5. These can be sorted by Date Modified.

File Locations:

Journyx Accountlink 8.7.25 and prior:

C:\Program Files\Journyx Accountlink\Logs.

Journyx Accountlink 8.7.26:

%AppData%\Journyx Accountlink\

Journyx Accountlink 8.7.28 and later:

%UserProfile%\Documents\Journyx Accountlink\