Landing Page is located under Preferences-->Landing Page.
The Landing Page preference allows you to override the system default for the screen you first view after logging in. All accounts have default landing pages that are based on the authority and abilities included in their roles. The Landing Page preference allows you to change from the default to another screen which you have access to. The Landing Page screen selections are the same as the list of links you see on your Sitemap. You may choose from any of these screens by selecting one and clicking on Save button. Your selection will remain highlighted. If you wish to remove the selection and return to the default landing page, you can simply click on the Remove button.


The only exception to the selected landing pages overriding the defaults applies to approvers with the Approver-Regular ability. These approvers will see the Approvals tab as their landing pages when sheets are awaiting approval in their queues. If an approver has no outstanding approvals, the selected landing page will be displayed upon login.