Leave Requests are requests for time off on specific dates for specific amounts of time. You can view your total pending, approved and declined requests under Leave-->My Requests. Pending requests will show up as a red number next to the Leave menu. Clicking on the menu will direct you to the My Leave Requests screen where you can view all your pending, approved and declined requests (see figure 29.12). The value in the Accrued column is the remaining balance for the accrued pay type on the day you are viewing the leave requests. You also have the option to delete pending and approved requests that will not be used. To delete a pending or approved request, select the request to delete and click the Delete button.

My Leave Requests

 Figure 29.12. My Leave Requests

To request time off, click the Create button. This will direct you to the Create Leave Request screen where you can enter the dates and hours per day that you wish to take off. You can also select a Project, Activity, Pay Type, Bill Type, and Comment. The Pay Type that you select will determine which of your accrual balances will be reduced when you take the time off. If the new request exceeds the current accrual balance less existing leave requests, you will receive a warning when you submit the new request. You can also enter a note specific to the leave requests in the Note to Approver field. Finally, you can select the approvers you wish to notify for approval of the Leave Request. When finished, click the Submit Request button or the Submit and Create New button if you would like to create another leave request. You may also click on the Switch to Advanced View link in the upper right corner of the leave request create screen to create multiple leave requests on one screen.


If your administrator has given managers or users the ability to edit existing leave requests, you may be able to click on the date of a request and change the time entry values for that request. Your system may also be set up to send managers an email notification when you edit one of your requests. Likewise, you may receive email notifications when managers edit one your requests as part of the review and approval.


You can also view your Leave Requests and request leave using the calendar view under Leave-->My Calendar (see figure 29.13).Annual and monthly views show summary information, while weekly and daily views include the details of each request.

My Leave Calendar

 Figure 29.13. My Leave Calendar