Add SAML2 Enterprise Application in Azure

1. Sign into your Azure portal with an Azure administrator account. This is typically

2. Search for and Select Enterprise applications
3. Select +New Application

4. Select +Create your own application

5. Enter a name for your app such as Journyx SSO. Select Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery). Choose Create

6. On the left side, select Single sign-on > SAML

7. Click Edit within the Basic SAML Configuration box

8. Enter the following URI and click SAVE at the top
Identifier (Entity ID) - https://<your_journyx_site_name>

Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) - https://<your_journyx_site_name>

Sign on URL (Optional) - https://<your_journyx_site_name>

Logout Url (Optional) - https://<your_journyx_site_name>


Add required attributes

1. From the Enterprise Application > Single sign-on > SAML page you completed in step 1, click on Edit within the Attributes and Claims box

2. Select +Add new claim

3. Fill in the following and click Save at the top:
Name - login (case-sensitive)

Source attribute - user.userprincipalname

Provide Journyx support the Federation Metadata File

1. From the Enterprise application > Single sign-on > SAML page, select the Download link for the Federation Metadata XML within the SAML Certificates box.

2. Provide the downloaded metadata .xml file to or the Journyx support representative you are working with