Journyx Accountlink for QuickBooks (PDF)

Automated Data Transfer Directly from Journyx into QuickBooks®

QuickBooks provides your business with the tools for fast and easy financial management. In order to
utilize these tools most effectively, employee project time and expense data must be easily transferable
from your time tracking application into QuickBooks.

Journyx Accountlink automates this process by transferring project/job status, employee/contractor
time and reimbursable/billable expenses directly from your Journyx system to QuickBooks.

Your employees can simply track project time and expenses in Journyx. After the time and expenses
for a period have been approved, accounting personnel can use Journyx Accountlink to pull all of the period’s
data into QuickBooks for processing. Accountlink accesses QuickBooks directly so no file transfer
or formatting is necessary. All data is synchronized automatically. Once synchronization is complete,
accounting personnel have all employee billing and payroll data they need to create invoices, print reimbursement
checks and run payroll. Say goodbye to time-consuming and error-prone double entry!

Accountlink offers a variety of features that automate data sharing between Journyx
and QuickBooks, including:

  • Ability to set up Journyx by initially populating it with QuickBooks data(employees, vendors, customer
    jobs, service items, payroll items, etc.)
  • Ability to map existing Journyx data to existing QuickBooks data
  • Ability to transfer time record details from Journyx to QuickBooks for invoicing and payroll (employee, job, service item, payroll item, billing status, comments)
  • Ability to transfer reimbursable expenses for generation of payment in QuickBooks
  • Ability to populate and automate time off balances (U.S. versions only)
  • Ability to exclude QuickBooks data from synchronization with Journyx

System Requirements:

  • Includes QuickBooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise versions currently supported by Intuit
  • Installs on any PC/server where QuickBooks is also installed
  • Requires network or Internet access to your Journyx application

Journyx Accountlink is available for current versions of Journyx Timesheet. For more information about
Accountlink or to schedule a demonstration, please contact a sales representative at 1-800-755-9878 or
send email to