1. Start your Payroll export again.  Tools -> Export -> Payroll Data

2. Select your pay groups, as normal.

3. Your pay period will not be in this resulting list, but you have the ability to run an export on an arbitrary "cycle", including previously exported cycles.  You just need to know the cycle number.

4. To find out the cycle number click on the blue text next to the text box (HOURLY cycle number).

5. Locate the time frame you care about.  The first column is the Cycle Number that you want.  Remember that Cycle Number.

6. Put the Cycle Number in the appropriate text box.

7. Repeat Steps 4 through 6 for every pay group you are wanting to export.  Sometimes the cycle numbers will be the same, sometimes they will not be.  The only way to tell would be to look at the cycle number listing.

8. Once you are done filling in the cycle numbers, click Export and you will get the payroll export for that time period.