Be sure to read the requirements and other information in the “External Database Setup” article of this document above before installing to an external database. 

If the Internal Database feature is selected, the only option to configure is a password for the database itself. If using the internal database, please also read the "Internal Database (PostgreSQL) account security" article in the Security folder of this knowledge base

If using an external database, you will be asked which type (SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL) and the connection information. Supported database versions are listed in this article (link to External DB setup)

You must use SQL Native Client drivers version 2012 or higher, or MS ODBC drivers version 13 or higher. You can download the SQL Server 2012 Native Client drivers from this link  

Click on “Install Instructions”. Search for “Native Client” until you find the section titled “Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Native Client”. Chose the X64 Package. After the download completes, run the installer on the Journyx server. If necessary, go to Start → Journyx → Setup Web Server and Database. 

Journyx uses ODBC to connect to SQL Server. You can either create a pre-defined ODBC connection, known as a System DSN or Data Source Name, or you can just enter the connection information directly without creating a System DSN. After you select the SQL Server option in the setup program, you will be shown a list of existing DSNs. You can either choose an existing DSN, or chose the special “(None)” option to fill in your connection info directly. 

Connecting to an external PostgreSQL or Oracle database does not require any special drivers. Just provide the usual connection information such as host, port, database name, username and password.