This error is caused by Google Chrome ( and Safari ) detecting that some information the user submitted is showing up in the resulting page.  This is basically how Journyx works when filling out your timesheet so will be seen most of the time there.  

The recommended solution to the problem is to upgrade to Journyx 11.1 or higher.  There have been numerous security fixes that were included in versions up to and included in Journyx 11.1 so this is not reproducible.  

The other workarounds are:

  1. Upgrade to Journyx 8.9 or higher.  A security fix in 8.9 will prevent this specific error.
  2. Use a web browser that is not Google Chrome such as Internet Explorer, Edge or Firefox.
  3. Launch Google Chrome in an insecure manner. This will leave you, and anyone who employs this solution, extremely vulnerable to any number of malicious attacks.  As such, this is an extremely discouraged option.