The Approvals screen allows you to view and approve your employees' submitted timesheets.

Logged in as a timesheet approver, go to Manage->Approvals->Approve Sheets

Searching and filtering sheets

  • User filter

Clicking the User Filter will allow you to view sheets submitted by particular users

  • Entry sheet types

You can view all sheet types, or filter to see only Timesheets, Expense sheets, or Custom sheets

  • Sheet status

By default, the screen only shows sheets that are waiting for your approval. You can view approved, rejected, or submitted sheets. You can view sheets that are waiting for your backup approval. If you want to "View all sheets," you must select dates in the date filter

  • Date Filter

By default the screen shows all sheets of the given status, regardless of date. You can view all timesheets with a specific start or end date, or within a specified date range

Searching sheets by date:

Below is an example of how to filter timesheets by date

You can use these boxes to filter the visible timesheets by date:

Changing the start or end date type and date changes the date range. For instance, selecting a start date type of "On or after..." and a start date of 12/04/2019 shows all timesheets whose start dates are on or after 12/04/2019:

Viewing a sheet

From the Sheet Search Results, click a timesheet's date range under the "Period" column to view the timesheet.

In addition to the hours on the sheet, there are additional features as follows:

1. Previous/Next arrows - Use these to move from sheet to sheet

2. Decimal checkbox - Check to display hours in decimal format rather than HH:MM

3. Detail dropdown - Set the level of detail to which the hours are allocated. "Project" is least detail, "Bill Type" is most.

4. Show dropdown - View submitted hours on a day-by-day basis, or by the user's comment on those hours

5. Reject/Approve/Reopen buttons - Allows you to Approve, Reject, or Reopen a sheet

6. Expansion arrows - Click these to expand the level of detail on a project's hours

7. "View Full Sheet" link - This will allow you to see the entire timesheet

"View Full Sheet" view:

Approver View (Default) - Timesheet as the Approver would see it

User View - Timesheet as the User would see it