Holidays are added to Holiday Schedules which are in turn added to Groups for users to get them.  If you have not created a Holiday Schedule you must do this first.  See this article ( How to Create Holiday Schedules ) for instructions.

Head under Configuration to Holiday Schedules then Manage Holidays

In the bottom right click the "Create" button

Configure the Holiday

The following numbers correspond to the numbers in the above image.

  1. The date on which the Holiday falls.  In this example it is July 4, 2018.  You will need to recreate this Holiday for every year that it is observed.  Journyx will not automatically repeat the holiday the next year.
  2. Which Holiday Schedule it should be in.  Since this is a 2018 holiday I chose "Holidays 2018".  You can choose multiple if you want.
  3. How many hours should this holiday be?  This his how much time shows up on the user's entry screen when the holiday is loaded.
  4. The name of the Holiday.  This shows in the Comment field on the user's timesheet.
  5. What Project should be selected for this holiday?
  6. Which Activity?
  7. Which Pay Type?
  8. Which Bill Type?

At the bottom click either "Save" or "Save and New" depending on if you have another Holiday to enter.