Automatic Sheet Processing tool is available under Tools > Import menu.


The Journyx Automatic Sheet Processing tool will perform one or more actions across many sheets in your system. The tool is very useful when you have an action that needs to be taken against many sheets that share some common attribute. For example, if you want to submit all sheets that have not been submitted as of last month. 


The first group allow you to define which sheets to process automatically. Options Include:

  • Sheet type (time, expense, other)
  • Sheet state (e.g. open, submitted)
  • Sheet date 
    • You have the ability to choose how many periods back to start processing and then process that period AND all period prior to that period, or you can process that period only.
    • You also  have the option to stop processing sheets before a certain fixed date.

The second group allows you to define what actions to take on the data that meets the criteria defined in the first section. Options included:

  • Reopen sheets
  • Submit sheets
  •  Approve sheets
  • Load the user's default memorized sheet
    • NOTE: This action is only valid if the sheet is open
  • Delete records on the sheet
    • NOTE: This action is only valid if the sheet is open

The third group allows you to define some output options, most notably the subject and body of the email notification that is sent when the process completes.

The fourth group allows you to configure the sheet history notes that are appended to each sheet when it is processed by the tool.

Tool Access

You can determine which Journyx users should have access on the Tool Access page, found in the navigation menu under Tools > Tool Access

This area allows you to grant permission to different roles to see (or not to see) the Import-Automatic Sheet Processing menu option. By default, only users with the Administrator role can see it. However, you can add additional roles by selecting names from the accompnaying lists. Multple names can be selected by holding the Ctrl key.

Installing the Automatic Sheet Processing Tool

Speak with your Journyx account manager or Journyx support ( to have the tool installed on your site. If you are a Journyx cloud customer, then the installation will be done for you. If you are hosting Journyx in your own network, then you need to obtain the necessary installation files and follow these instructions: 

How to install in Windows

  1. Copy the installer to your directory: C:\Program Files\Journyx\jwt\bin
  2. Open the Journyx Command Line Prompt and type: unzip <filename>.zip
  3. After the file is unzipped, to switch into the new directory, type: cd Automatic_Sheet_Processing
  4. From the Automatic_Sheet_Processing folder, type: install
  5. Follow the prompt(s)

How to install in Unix/Linux 

  1. Source the setup file from the /bin directory by typing: ./setup
  2. To unzip the file, type: gunzip <filename> | tar -xvf
  3. To switch into the new directory, type: cd Automatic_Sheet
  4. To install the file, type:./install

Running the Automatic Sheet Processing Tool

You can either run the tool manually every time you want to process the sheets, or you can schedule the tool to run automatically on a period, such as monthly. 

Run Manually 

  1. Navigate to Tools → Import → Automatic Sheet Processing in the navigation menu
  2. Leave the default radio option selected: Automatically determine which sheets to process
  3. Click Preview button. NOTE: depending on your configuration, there may be a very large number of sheets to process so be patient while this runs as it may take a while.
  4. This will display a list of all the sheets that are going to be processed based on your configuration. If everything appears to be correct, click the Continue button at the bottom of the page.
  5. When this completes, all actions on all sheets are now committed to your system.

Schedule to Run Automatically (One Time or Recurring)

  1. Navigate to Tools → Import → Automatic Sheet Processing in the navigation menu
  2. Select the radio option labeled "Create Schedule"
  3. Give the schedule a name to describe it for future reference
  4. Enter your criteria for the schedule: to run one time at a future date, or to run repeatedly on a schedule
  5. Enter the email address to receive notifications when the process completes
  6. Click Create Schedule button

Delete an existing Schedule

  1. Navigate to Tools → Import → Automatic Sheet Processing in the navigation menu
  2. Select the radio option next to the schedule you would like to delete
  3. Click Delete Schedule, located below the radio options

Support Instructions

All issues with this tool should be reported directly to Journyx's support department via email to In any error report, please include enough information for the Journyx support team to reproduce the error. Generally, that will include a screen shot or the text of the error message, the steps that you took that caused the error. If you are not hosted in the Journyx cloud, please include a copy of you debug.log file and a fresh database backup.


These tools and documentation fall under the same license agreement as the core Journyx software. Copyright by Journyx, 2019

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