To install IIS, first obtain your Windows installation media. Note that IIS version 6 or higher is required. 

Once you have your Windows installation media, go to Start → Control Panel → Add / Remove Programs. Then select 'Add / Remove Windows Components.' The exact location of the IIS feature may vary depending on your operating system. If you have any doubt, please contact your system administrator or 

In addition to the core WWW server component, you must install the following IIS components that are not enabled by default: 

  • ISAPI Extensions
  • IIS Metabase and IIS 6 configuration compatibility

This component is not required, but highly recommended: 

  • Dynamic Content Compression

This feature is used in lieu of the GZIP_ENCODING=Yes setting used on Lighttpd. The GZIP_ENCODING setting has no effect when running under IIS – content compression is enabled or disabled through the Dynamic Content Compression feature of IIS,