Holidays defined in the Holiday Calendar that are automatically entered into a user's timesheet on the appropriate day can be deferred by the user and then taken in a future timesheet period.

This is done by creating an accrual for each user deferred holiday. The accrual creation occurs when the timesheet is submitted. In addition, in order to allow a user to take the accrued time, a pay code will be automatically created if it doesn't exist already. The pay code is assigned to the user along with the special deferred holiday project in a group created for this purpose.

For example, a user works on July 4th so the company wants them to be able to take that holiday on a different day within 90 days of the original holiday. The user would zero out the hours for their July 4th holiday and enter the hours they worked on that day. When they submit their timesheet, they will be granted a new accrual for an equivalent number of hours. It works like any other accrual and has an expiration date.

There is a tool that should be run periodically to hide the expired deferred holidays. Users will not be able to take time on an expired accrual even if the tool is not run. Running it will remove them from view by removing access for the users.

Configuring Deferred Holidays

The settings for configuring the deferred holiday feature are located in the menu under Tools-- > Tool Settings in the Miscellaneous - Holiday Deferral section. 

  • Select the pay code that is used for Holidays:

    The scheduled holidays will be recognized by having this pay code. The name of the holiday project will then be used to derive the accrual name and associated pay code for the deferred holiday.

  • Select the project that is used for Deferred Holidays:

    This project should be used for deferred holiday time ONLY. If the same project is used for normal Holiday time, then you will not be able to restrict users from using normal Holiday time on non-Holidays.

  • Maximum number of days after the holiday to allow deferred time off to be used:

    This settings determines the expiration date for the deferred accrual.

  • Name format to use when creating accruals:

    Define the template for creating the accrual name for the deferred holiday accruals.

    Format options:
    • <holiday> - replaced with the name of the holiday
    • <expiration_date> - replaced with the date the deferred time will expire
  • Name format to use when creating deferred holiday pay code:

    Define the template for creating the pay code name for the deferred holidays.

    Format options:
    • <holiday> - replaced with the name of the holiday
    • <expiration_date> - replaced with the date the deferred time will expire. Only use this option if you want a unique pay code created every year.

Cleaning up Expired Deferral Holidays

The tool for cleaning up expired deferred holiday is located in the menu under Tools > Import > Holiday Deferral.

Run this tool periodically to hide expired deferred holiday accruals and pay types from users. 

This tool may be run manually by clicking on "Preview" and then "Continue". Alternatively, it may be set up to run on a fixed schedule such as once a month

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