In general Journyx does not require significant systems administration attention. It is a turn-key system and can be downloaded and installed complete with database and web server. Once the product is up and running, especially with the built-in database option, administrative overhead is low. However we recommend you put a full disaster recovery strategy in place once the system is up and running but before an emergency happens such as a system hardware or disk failure, or a natural disaster at your site such as a flood, fire, or tornado. 

This document is intended to give System Administrators an overview of the application infrastructure and a few tips on how to diagnose the occasional problem, tweak certain system parameters, as well as how to design and implement a disaster recovery strategy. 

This version of the document is for both Windows and Linux based systems. Linux is the only Unix-like operating system supported. Journyx 11 only supports 64 bit operating systems on both Linux and Windows.