Requirements to use Journyx Mobile

  • Your Journyx site must be running versions 11.2.2, 11.5.2, 12.0.1 or later.  
  • You must have access to a Wi-Fi or cellular network to use the app.
  • Your Journyx site must be available to your mobile device like any other web page.  If your site is only accessible when you are connected to an internal network, you may need to work with your IT Department for VPN access.
  • Your site must have SSL encryption (URL begins with https://).
  • Azure  and Okta single-sign-on are supported in the app.  Other methods for single-sign-on may be supported.
  • Your account must include either time entry, expense entry, or you must be a designated approver in a sheet approval plan in order to access Journyx via the mobile app.  
  • The minimum version for iOS is 13.

NOTE FOR TESTING: If you are a Journyx administrator and are testing Journyx Mobile by logging in as different users, please note that you cannot logout as one user and login as another without uninstalling and reinstalling the Journyx app. You must always uninstall/reinstall the Journyx app before logging in as a different user on the same device.

How to download Journyx Mobile from the App Store

Go to the App Store on your Apple mobile device and search for Journyx.  You will likely see results similar to those shown below.  Select Journyx Mobile.  Click on the cloud icon to install the app.

How to login to Journyx Mobile

After you finish installing the app, click on the app icon to launch it.  In the Journyx Mobile Server field you enter the website address of the Journyx site you log your time in.  

  • If you are in the Journyx cloud (e.g.,, you can simply enter mysite (where you replace mysite with the name of your company's site) and click Next.  
  • If your company hosts its own site and you go to a URL like this,, to enter your time on your computer, your Journyx Server will be  

When you click Next, you will either see the screen for entering a username and password, or you will be routed through your Azure single-sign-on process.  Your username and password are the same as those you use in the browser (or to login to Microsoft/Office 365 for single-sign-on).

Single-sign-on takes you back to the login screen briefly before proceeding to the app screen for home page selection.  If you are not using single-sign-on and enter your username and password, click the Login button to start using the app.

After you have successfully logged in for the first time, you will be asked to choose your Home screen.  Activity will show you a summary of the current day for your time entry.  Dashboard will show you a summary of your weekly time, as well as any outstanding approvals if you are a manger who approves time and/or expenses.  You can go back and change your Home screen selection at any time under Settings.

If your device includes biometric sign in capabilities, you will be asked if you want to turn on biometric sign in for future access.  If you answer yes, your device will prompt you for biometric authentication (face ID or finger print depending on the device) when you close and re-open the app.  If you answer no, you can always turn on biometric sign in later under Settings.

After selecting your Home screen, you can see the features you have access to.  Next, review the Journyx Mobile Feature Quick Start Guide.