Journyx time, expense and resource tracking software allows you to automate project accounting, measure work profitability, bill customers, and pay employees. Journyx streamlines the collection and processing of timesheets – reducing payroll time, growing client billings, and increasing project profitability. With Journyx, you can collect better data for better, more informed decisions.

Enter Time in One Place

When different teams are entering their time and expenses in several different systems, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. You have to collect time from all the different locations, then manually enter it into your accounting and/or ERP systems – an inefficient process that inevitably results in mistakes.

With Journyx, all of your employees’ time (including project and leave time) and expenses are entered into one system – making timesheet collection and processing quicker and easier.

Integrate with Your Critical Business Systems

Journyx integrates with your existing business systems for seamless flow of time and expense data into your accounting, ERP, project management, and HR systems.

Journyx can work with virtually any business system, including:

  • Microsoft® Dynamics™ GP, NAV, AX or SL
  • QuickBooks®
  • Microsoft® Project
  • ADP
  • Sage
  • And more!

Dynamic Reporting Capabilities

Journyx’s built-in ad hoc reporting gives you:

  • Time spent on specific projects/tasks
  • Total project costs, including employee expense and travel costs per project
  • Project progress and control
  • Financial reporting
  • Accruals management reporting
  • Customizable graphical reports
  • Direct output to Microsoft Excel and Power BI

Track Time Across Devices

Available for all licensed users of Journyx, the Journyx mobile time tracking app allows your employees to enter both time and expenses remotely, through their iOS or Android mobile devices.

  • Manage current and past timesheets, expenses and custom entries
  • Add new time/expenses to or delete existing entries from open sheets
  • Include attachments from the device’s photo gallery (e.g., receipt images)
  • Use existing memorized entries to create time/expense/custom entries quickly
  • Approve or reject time and expenses awaiting manager approval

Compliance Assurance

Journyx complies with the SOC 1 standard for internal controls, undergoing an SSAE 16 Type 2 assessment annually. We can help you with regulatory compliance issues for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or DCAA compliance.

Customizable, Intuitive, Easy to Use

Clients can change virtually every aspect of the Journyx interface for the information they collect, the manner in which they do it, and the environment in which they work. The solution is easily adaptable to new processes or requirements as they arise.

Journyx presents a clean interface with single-click, drop-down navigation that makes using Journyx intuitive.

  • Infrastructure is secure and flexible, perfect to work within your company’s existing systems architecture
  • Scalable to tens of thousands of users and hundreds of thousands of projects/work orders
  • Multi-level and project-based approvals allow for custom organizational workflows
  • Easily customizable user interfaces to meet the needs of every employee in an organization
  • Patented grouping capabilities to ensure employees see only what they need to see

Ease of Administration

Whether an organization is widely-distributed or concentrated in one location, Journyx is easy to roll-out and maintain. With Journyx’s web-based solution, IT can access and maintain Journyx remotely, reducing the long-term maintenance and overhead usually associated with enterprise software. Highly flexible system configuration is menu-driven with embedded instructions, eliminating the need for custom development.

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