These steps apply to any Accountlink product, including Accountlink for Quickbooks, Accountlink for Dynamics GP and Accountlink for Dynamics Nav.

Step 1: Go to mspConsole.pyc

This page is hidden from the Journyx interface.  You can only access it by typing in the URL of the page exactly.  If you are on the sitemap page, change 'sysadm.pyc' to 'mspConsole.pyc'. The capitalization is required.  You will get a page like this

Step 2: Click "Show sync registrations and data"

This will pull up all sync files that have been made against this Journyx database.  This can include Accountlink for Quickbooks, all of the different versions of Accountlink for Dynamics, as well as Projectlink.  Your data will be different from what is shown.

Step 3: Find which Sync project is the one you care about

For the most part you will only have one record here.  If you have multiple use the Last Updated column to find the correct one.  Usually the one you want is the most recent.  Here 'root' is the Project Name for the sync I want to deal with.

Step 4: Click the number under Total Syncs

Here you would click the "5".  Your number will be different.

Step 5: Locate the sync session you need to remove

The sync session you want to remove will be listed with the status of "in progress".  Here it will be the top line.

Step 6: Figure out what will happen if you delete this session

Deleting a session could cause duplicate records to be sent over to Quickbooks or Dynamics causing erroneous data.  Take a look at the "Total Records Synched" column.  If it is 0, you will not get duplicate records.

NOTE: If this is any other number you will get duplicate records.  Click on the number and you'll see which ones will duplicate.  You will need to deal with these by deleting them in whatever program you're syncing to.  If you need assistance with this, please do not hesitate to contact Journyx Support.

Step 7: Delete the sync session

Check the box to the left of the sync session you want to delete, then click "Delete session(s) and unsync record(s).

Then confirm that you do actually want to delete these records.  After you click OK here you will not be prompted again.