This document describes how to make Journyx Timesheet 11.x work with an external database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL. 

All Timesheet customers who wish to use an external database should read this page carefully as the requirements and supported database have changed in Timesheet 8. An "external database" is any database system that is not supplied by Journyx. Only three external database platforms are supported by Timesheet:

Mircosoft SQL Server 2008 or later ( Supported on Windows servers only.

Oracle Datbase version 10g or later ( Supported on Windows and Linux servers.

PostgreSQL version 9.4 or later ( Supported on Windows and Linux servers.

Please make sure you have reviewed and complied with the hardware requirements, supported operating system, and supported database platforms before proceeding. These requirements have changed as of Timesheet 8.0

All customers who are setting up external database installations should at least read the General Notes section and the section pertaining to your specific database system. All of the instructions and guidelines on this page apply equally to Windows and Unix server unless otherwise noted. 

You must follow all of the steps in this section for a successful external database install of Journyx Timesheet. Any optional steps are clearly noted. Please read this page thoroughly before beginning you Timesheet setup process.