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Better UI / cursor feedback around timesheet project selection

There are several UI elements related to project selection on a timesheet that give fewer visual cues or affordances to users than would be ideal. I've watched people get tripped up from time to time on one or another of these.

* On time entry screens, when the project column is narrow, the downward chevron / dropdown indicator icons for all the project fields will be covered by the next column to the right of the project column, leaving no visual indication that the project fields themselves are interactive click targets.

* When a user has access to too many projects for the project dropdown on the time entry screen to contain a list, the cursor changes to a I-shaped text-selection cursor when hovering over any of the project fields, even though they are still interactive click targets (they'll launch the same modal project selection dialog as the magnifying glass icon, instead of the dropdown).

* That modal project selection dialog doesn't allow a user to select a project by clicking on the project description field. Only clicks on project names, left of the description fields, are interpreted as project selections.

* The mouse cursor on both fields in the modal dialog is an I-cursor, indicating text selection, rather than interactivity. This can cause users to think that the dialog is broken or inscrutable. (Move the cursor around, nothing reacts, click on the middle of a project row, nothing reacts.)

I'm not a UI designer, so I don't have very specific recommendations, but more visual feedback, fewer text selection cursors, and UI elements that are more obviously clickable would be welcome.

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