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Adding Pay Types to the Payroll Rules Engine Ribbon on Timesheets and Approvals

Good Morning,

I'd like to submit a feature request to add pay types to the Summary Ribbon that displays that the top of a User's timesheet.  Currently the summary ribbon only displays the hours worked (Regular, Overtime & Double Time) & then the total hours for the pay period.

The total hours takes into account if there was Holiday or Paid Leave during the pay period, but it does not list what those extra hours are in the summary ribbon. Quite often, the total hours for the pay period do not add up to the hours worked because there was also some sort of paid leave within the period.  This has caused confusion with workflow supervisors tasked with reviewing & approving timesheets.

Kind of along the same topic, when a workflow supervisor is notified sheets have been submitted for approval, the various pay types for the User's work hours are not broken out in the approval summary screen.  A lump sum amount of hours worked in the period is listed under the User's standard pay type.  If that user accrued overtime hours, the overtime is not broken out on the summary screen, but all other pay types seems to be (lunch, PTO, Holiday, etc.).  Can overtime please be broken out & listed in this summary screen view so it is apparent to the workflow supervisor that overtime was earned & they need to look further into those hours prior to approving the User's timesheet?  

Journyx is calculating overtime correctly per the parameters that were set-up for our organization, it is just not displaying the overtime in all the areas we feel it should.



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