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Simplify Allocation of Hours On User's End When a Punch Conversion is Made

Good Morning,

I would like to submit a feature request that simplifies the allocation of work hours to the correct Pay Type when a punch conversion is made for a User that is limited to an In/Out punch clock.

Right now when a punch conversion is made, the user has to manually allocate these adjusted hours to their correct Pay Type in order for their Allocation Balance line to read zero prior to submitting their timesheet for approval.

For User's that are limited to an In/Out punch clock, Journyx automatically allocates those hours worked from the In/Out punches to their correct pay type.  There is no manual allocation that is needed, so it seems odd they would have to manually allocate any punch conversion changes when that is not part of their process.

As the Admin, I can simply open the User's timehseet, click the SAVE button & those adjusted hours will reallocate without any manual entries.  We feel this process should work the same from the User's end.  Why can the Admin simply click save & the hours allocate manually, but the same process does not work from the User's end?



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