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Admin Should be Able to Enter Leave Requests on User's Behalf

Good Morning,

I'd like to submit a feature request that allows the Admin to enter paid leave requests on behalf of User's that are on extended leaves of absence.

Currently, the Admin can approve,reject or make changes to leave requests submitted by the User.  However, the Admin cannot enter a paid leave request for a User that is out on a extended leave of absence.

The only way this can happen is if the Admin changes the User's password, logs in as the User & creates the leave request on behalf of the User under their User credentials.  This method of changing passwords, & logging into a User's account to enter leave requests in their absence does not make sense & we believe the Admin should have the ability to enter these leave requests when needed.

Thanks for your consideration,


The role ability to enter leave on behalf of others was added in Journyx 12.6.0.

I can enter leave on behalf of an employee as an admin, but I cannot seem to find how to create a leave request on behalf of an employee. I have reviewed the Journyx manual and cannot find where it is talked about. Can you point me to the article?

JournyX version v12.7.1

Best regards,

Tony Salazar

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