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Add grouping options to Project Approvals page

Currently the Project Approvals page supports searching and sorting, however, the default display is just a list of all project submissions awaiting approval.  This means that, for very long lists of projects, multiple pages of such submissions exist, then requiring the approver to type in search terms to locate specific projects or be 'brave' and hit the select all, approving multiple pages of projects without inspection.

There was a time in previous versions in which this page showed submissions grouped by project - and each project had an independent "select all" button.  This allowed the approver to quickly approve submissions for multiple users against a single project, and leave other projects, perhaps those with pending charges, alone until a future review.

Our hierarchy is organized such that we have a lead manager doing project review across our entire team, so he has about 10-12 pages of reviews to do.  What used to take him about 1/2 to one hour now takes 3-5 hours due to the removal of this sorting option, and we'd like it back (as it was part of some recent versions of Journyx).

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