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Expense & Receipt approvals - viewing a grid of thumbnails

How about a screen where supervisors could review and approve expenses by looking at a grid of thumbnails with detail text below them. Click to expand for more detail. Also, allow us to run reports on expenses submitted that look more image oriented. There's currently no way to do this efficiently to bill customers back for expenses incurred without manually going back and retrieving the images at billing time. Also: check out an app on Google marketplace called "Expensify". It's an expense management tool that actually generates IRS-compliant receipts below a certain threshold so that employees don't have to bother with scanning and uploading every taxi cab receipt for 3 dollars and forty-two cents. I watched the CEO of my company compiling his timesheet receipts the other day and thought...BOY this could be done better! PS: the "upload records" button right next to the "upload receipt images" button is totally confusing by the way take it off please!)
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