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More Accurate and Automated license handling

Timesheets sure does let you know in a hurry when you're running out of available user licenses, makes things real easy to request via web-form...and accounting is quick to send us a pro-rated invoice! However, if your headcount wavers from month-to-month as ours does (we are involved in staffing services as a product line) it sure is a hassle to control your costs and adjust your licensing accordingly. There are no web forms to request reductions in user licenses for terminations, and a phone call or an email request must be sent over to accounting before the reduction can occur. At the going rate, this is a lot of "free money" going out the door if your admin or payroll supervisor is not paying close attention during downturns. Let's automate this and stop rounding up to the nearest month. What's at stake here? Lots and lots and lots of customer goodwill. :)
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