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Option to show expandable time/expense entry details on summary approver screens

Hi, Just a quick thought, as of now I have following 3 ideas/Improvements that I would like to see in journyx. 1. Check for the total number of hours and not allow to enter more than 24 hours in a day. 2. on Approver screen, let us say there are 20 records for approval, It is good that I can select all 20 records and approve it at one shot. however, I would like to see a tree view under each resource record to expand and check the details entered, without having to click a record to open it in new a window to verifiy. 3.Approver should have a default page with number of resources listed in cloumn 1, followed by one column for each week, with details of whether the resource have subimmet or approved timesheet. This would enable the approve to check in one shot how many reportee have submitted the time sheet for a particular week and how many are yet to submit and how many are approved.. Thanks. Regards, Gopi.
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Approver sheets views  now include multiple ways to view the information on the sheet.  It is also possible to enforce a rule to limit hours in a day to 24.

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