There are several methods for contacting the Journyx Support Department, and your best method will depend upon several factors. The following is a general description of each contact method. 

  1. Online Helpdesk 
    Customers with a maintenance license should use ourOnline Helpdesk. This submits your support issue directly into our support tracking application and helps us move your case to the right support resource.

  2. Search the KnowledgeBase 
    The Journyx Support Department offers a searchable KnowledgeBase. Resolutions for many known problems are posted there. The KnowledgeBase is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and contains application solutions. 

  1. E-Mail 
    Please send new problem reports to support@journyx.comYou will receive a reply from to confirm receipt, and you will need to address all other e-mail on the problem to that address. Using other addresses will likely delay support response. 

  1. Phone 
    This is obviously a fast way to reach the Journyx Support Department, but it is often not the most efficient means of communicating the details of an issue. We ask that you reserve the phone for notifying us of urgent issues. Our phone number is 800-755-9878 (in the US and Canada) or 1+512-834-8888.