Microsoft has stopped supporting Office Web Components in April of 2017.  Journyx recommends using Journyx Reportlink instead.  Please speak with your account manager about getting Journyx Reportlink.

Problem: Office Web Components is not installed.

Please download Office Web Components 2003 and install it.  This will only work in Microsoft Internet Explorer.  It will not work in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.

Problem: Cube Reports shows up but doesn't show any data.

This indicates that Office Web Components is installed correctly but is unable to get data from Journyx.  You need to change settings in Internet Explorer to allow this.  Start at Step 1 below.

Problem: Cube Reports shows up and shows an error

This indicates that Office Web Components is mostly configured properly, you just need a couple more settings.  Follow the steps below but skip Steps 4 through 6.

Initial setup of Cube Reports

1. First open the Internet Options pane.  Click on the Gear menu in the top right and choose "Internet options"

2. Click the "Security" tab.

3. Click on "Trusted Sites".

4. Click on the "Sites" button.

5. Add your site to the zone.  If you're already on the site it should be filled in automatically so just click "Add".  If your site isn't in the top box, you can skip this step, that means your site is already Trusted.

6. Close this window.

7. Click on "Custom Level".

8. Scroll to about the middle of the page and locate "Access data sources across domains".  Click either "Enable" or "Prompt".  "Prompt" will ask you before data will be accessed.  "Enable" will just do it without asking.

9. You can now close out of all of the windows by clicking OK on the exiting windows, then try your report again.