There are 3 ways a User's password can be changed.  An Administrator ( or Manager, given the right abilities ) can change it for them, they can change it on their own, or they can request a password reset if they've forgotten their password.

Resetting a User's password as an Administrator

Head under Management to Users to Passwords

Select the User in the "Select User" drop down.  You can use a search screen by clicking the magnifying glass on the left of the drop down.

Fill in both the "New password" and "Confirm new password" fields with the password you want to set.  You will be given an estimate on how strong the password is on the right.

Finally click the "Save" button.

Changing your own password while logged in

At the top of your Journyx screen mouse over "Preferences" and go to "Reset Password"

In the "Current Password" field type your current password.  In "New password" and "Confirm new password" type the new password you want.

Finally click the "Save" button.

Resetting your password if you have forgotten it

On the Journyx login page click the "Reset your Password" link below the Password field.

On the resulting page put your Journyx username in the field called "Username" then click "Submit".  Be careful, the "Submit" button is on the left here instead of the usual right side.