To speed up loading pages like your time entry screen Journyx has a setting that sets an upper limit of the number of objects that can be in a drop down.  By default this is set to 200.  If you have more Projects, for example, than this limit is set to Journyx will replace the drop down with a search.  This setting is both User and Administrator configurable and to increase the limit will require both.

(Admin) Setting the Global limit

Head under Configuration -> System Settings -> Screen Appearance.  Locate the "Maximum number of items in a selection drop down" field.  Set that to the desired number.

(Admin) Setting a user's personal limit

A user can have a lower or higher value for their personal limit and administrators have no UI way to access this setting.  You can, however, change it via a User Import.  The column name for this setting is 'dropdownthreshold'.  An example of an import file can be seen below.

(User) Setting your personal limit

Head under Preferences -> Entry Screens.  Locate the "Maximum number of items in selection drop downs" field and set it to the desired number.


Note that this field indicates that it overrides larger numbers that users may specify.  This means a User can specify a value as well, and Journyx will use the lesser of these two configurations.  For example, lets assume you set the global configuration to 300.  If the user sets their limit to 400 they will only see up to 300 objects.  If they set their limit to 200 they will only see up to 200 objects.