Here is the information for migrating your Journyx PX data from single assignment mode to multiple assignment mode. You have explained that you need to make assignments based on annual allocations of work, and you therefore need to assign the same person to the same task for different dat ranges. Changing your Journyx PX site to multiple assignment mode will allow you to do this.

The following is a list of changes to current system behavior that will occur when you migrate to multiple assignment mode:

  •     Any time records in the system at the time of migration that fall outside the dates of an existing assignment will cause a new assignment to be created with scheduled dates that correspond to the dates of the time records. 
  •     Users will not be allowed to enter time outside the scheduled dates of their assignments. 
  •     Entering time against an unassigned task will not be allowed and will not automatically created an assignment as it does in single assignment mode. 
  •     Scheduled dates cannot overlap for multiple assignments to the same task/user. 

If you have any additional questions about the behavior changes, please let us know. Otherwise, you can move forward with changing the assignment mode setting. If you have a test site with a backup of your production data, it would be a good idea to change the setting on the test site first.

All the commands related to assignment mode must be carried out by a server admin in the command line interface of the Journyx server. The setting was designed this way to protect customers from inadvertently migrating and changing historical data.

Before you change the setting at the command line, you can run a report that provides a list of all data that will be changed by the migration. You run this report by entering the following command: assnmodereport –t multiple

You can send the report output to Journyx Support for review to be sure the changes are all what is expected as part of the process.

When you are ready to change the setting to multiple assignment mode, you will run this command at the command line: switchassnmode –t multiple. You should definitely run a backup of your production database before you make this change just in case the migration has any problems. After this command is run, you should be able to start creating assignments for the next year's allocations.

Let me know if you have any questions about this process.