The Journyx application's license key limits the number of users who can do specific actions inside Journyx.  These actions include the following:

  • Entering Time entries
  • Entering Expense entries
  • Entering Custom entries
  • Entering Journal records, like Project Notes
  • Punching in/out

Note:  This is not connected to whether or not the user is listed as "active" or "inactive".

Any user who does any of the above will immediately consume a license, and will continue to do so until 30 days after they did the action.  For example, if a user enters a Time entry on January 1st they will consume a license between January 1st and January 31st.  If a user enters time in the future they will only start to consume a license when that date becomes "today".

Journyx PX: Additionally, the Journyx license key can restrict the number of "Assignment Users".  Assignment Users are a user who is assigned to work on a project in Journyx.  They will consume a license starting 15 days before the start of the Assignment and extending 15 days after the end of the Assignment.  For example, if you assigned a user to work on a project starting April 1st through April 15th the user will consume an Assignment User license from March 17th to May 1st.  They can also consume a normal license if they did any of the above actions.

You can continue to report on their historical time forever, without having to archive them off or hide them or anything else. Of course it might be prudent to change their password or set their end date so that they cannot log in to the system after their departure. Hiding a user does not affect the count of their records for licensing.

If your company is high-turnover you may need to over buy a few licenses to cover the period where old employee and new employee are both holding a key. Administrator accounts and Reporter accounts do not normally have any of these types of records in Journyx, so they usually do not count at all towards your license key.  An Administrator can enter Project Notes and could consume a license this way.  

Reporting on license-consuming users

You can see who is currently consuming a license by going under Configuration -> System Settings -> System Information and clicking on "No. of Licenses in Use" (In Journyx v12 and above the path to this is Settings > System settings > System information.)

The resulting report will look similar to the following.  Every license-consuming user will show here, along with the record or records that are causing the user to consume a license.  This can be used to extrapolate out when a user will drop off your license count.