The step-by-step guide below is offered as a suggested way to review some of the high-value features offered in Journyx PX.  You can use this guide as much or as little as you choose.  Note that you can continue to use your current Journyx JX project tracking process for some types of projects and users, while adding PX projects and PX users (those assigned to work on PX projects) for the project teams who need the additional features.


  1. Login as an administrator (login admin, password admin).  Click on the Analytics menu and view the Dashboard to see the types of data you can see and drill into when using Journyx PX.  You can create your own charts and graphs to populate your dashboard.  Click on the Dashboard Settings link in the upper right corner to view the ways you can customize your PX dashboard.  The sample visual reports show project progress, resource capacity and project financial tracking information.
  2. Switch to the Run report menu under Analytics to review more detailed reports with work and budget forecasting, detailed project status tracking and alerts for potential problems with project progress and profits.
    1. Report 1 is a PX “scheduled projects” report with visuals and text for an overview of project plans and progress.  The sample shows project information for the trailing 12 months, but all report date ranges are customizable.
    2. Report 2 shows resource assignments that are scheduled to start soon.  In this instance, the report is showing assigned project work for the next 3 months.
    3. Report 3 shows current assignment progress by project and resource.
    4. Report 4 shows project profitability for the trailing 12 months.
    5. Report 5 shows utilization and chargeability targets and status by resource.
  3. Switch to the Projects-Scheduled projects menu and review some sample Scheduled Projects (also called “PX Projects”) to see how they differ from the projects you track in Journyx JX now.  Note the scheduled start/end dates, scheduled work, project budget fields and resource assignment options.  All project data is rolled up from the tasks underneath it and the assignments underneath the tasks.  If you change the scheduled work or dates in a task assignment, those changes will roll up to the project parent automatically.
  4. Expand the project tree under PX Project 54.  Note that PXP54: Task 2 has some alerts for the task.  Click on the task name and take a look at alert details and note what project managers can use to manage scope creep, change requests, etc.
  5. Go back to the Projects-Scheduled projects menu, check the box next to PX Project 77 and click on View assignment loads button.  Hover over the assigned blocks of task time.  Click on one of the assigned blocks and review the ways to see assignment information.
  6. Go back to the Projects-Scheduled projects menu, check the box next to PX Project 78 and click on View assignment loads button.  Click on any of the white boxes of unassigned time and try making some assignments.  Note how you can search for users based on department, skill, availability, etc.  If you click on the Modify assignments button after selecting some users, you can see more information and options for creating assignments (e.g., assigning based on hours v. percent of time, custom fields for assignment-specific rates).
  7. Switch to the Resources-View resource availability menu and review your assignment additions in context with existing assignments.  Adjust the date range at the top to review resource availability for different periods in time.  If you look at the month of January 2024 for the R&D group, you’ll see that some engineers are over-allocated.  If you expand to the first quarter of 2024, you’ll see that more time is available.   You can also click on the calendar icon to see specific dates when time is available.
  8. Logout and login as an end user tracking time against PX projects (login u1, password u1).  Review the My assignments screen with the user’s current assignments laid out for quick time entry updates.  The traditional Time screen is also available to be used interchangeably based on use case and user preference.
  9. Log some time.   Try a change request (one with more time, one finished under budget).  Note how project team members can see and keep track of their assignments while enter time worked against them.


This guide walks you through some of the highlights of Journyx PX.  There are others (e.g., team assignments, resource requisitions) that we would love to show you if you are interested in seeing more.  Please contact your account manager if you would like to explore Journyx PX in more detail.