Journyx and Journyx PX (PDF)

Release: 2023H1 (v13.0.0)

Date: April 2023


Journyx is consistently on a quest to improve and upgrade our products and customer experiences, with two major releases each year. Journyx JX/PX version 13.0 provides infrastructure upgrades to improve performance and load times, along with updates to reporting, data management, and a much-requested update for additional fields for ERP integration.


Updates in Journyx JX and PX

  • Major infrastructure upgrades, delivering enhanced security and performance: 40% faster page loading speeds and 25% faster search times, along with improved times for imports and integrations
  • More robust audit reporting and historical data management
    • Option to report on who created/modified data and when
    • Date-based archive/purge, plus ability to purge old users, projects, sheets, and attachments 
    • Upgrade-in-place option to increase upgrade speed for major releases
  • Support for tracking more business data as part of your ERP integration
    • Ability to track and sync more than four fields for time, expense, and equipment data
  • Multiple workflow support for automatic sheet processing* and approvals
    • Set up different workflows for various groups and scenarios (auto-population and submission for users who can't do it themselves, auto-approval for timesheets not approved in a given timeframe, etc.) 
    • Workflow timing: preview only, one-time or recurring

*Automatic sheet processing can be added to your license for an annual fee

NOTE: Journyx no longer supports the Internet Explorer browser.   Microsoft no longer updates Internet Explorer.  Journyx is supported on modern versions of Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Journyx 13.0.0 is only available for cloud customers.  Click on the PDF link above to read more.  For more information about the Journyx 13.0.0, please contact your account representative at +1 800-755-9878 or