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JX-1672     New entry columns text field is always labeled "Comment" in memorized entries

JX-1813     Selecting all on PX assignment search shows error with certain threshold of users

JX-1823     Search to create leave request for employees is not working

JX-1830     Leave submit check counting weekends for blocking when it shouldn't

JX-1831     Rework how out-of-date ETags are handled and eliminate ETag errors

JX-1839     Help for Scheduled Projects is redirected to Projects help

JX-1842     Additional DVT issues handling percentage time entry

JX-1845     Issue with View Approval Compliance if user ids have special characters 

JX-1851     Fixes to ADPWeekly and ADPDaily formats for payroll rules engine

JX-1855     Error when searching for users/teams on assignment screen

JX-1856     Project filter does not show up for profitability report if no PX license/projects

JX-1858     Non-admins cannot set user groups

JX-1861     Don't allow removing admin ability from "install admin"

JX-1878     Using different filters to Assign User or Teams not working as expected

JX-1887     Accruals not transferring to JX from ERPs using Accountlink

JX-1892     Events are infinitely re-suggested in certain time zones

JX-1893     jxAPI missing hide/unhide methods for expense/custom entry codes