Journyx and Journyx PX (PDF)

Release: Pathway (v12.6.0)

Date: May 2022


The release of Journyx 12 focused on superior user experience for time, approvals, and visual reporting. Now, with the new May 2022 Journyx 12.6 (”Pathway) update, we continue to raise the bar with performance enhancements and even more control over the amount of data and level of detail you see.


Here is what’s new in Journyx:

  • View full sheet in manager approvals frame for sheet and project approvals

  • Show project description on Days view in manager approvals frame

  • Customize how much data is shown in standard report and dashboard charts

  • User & PX Resource Requisition Management screen updates to Journyx 12 interface

  • Send a resource requisition to multiple managers, along with email notifications

  • Request leave on behalf of others

  • Customize time parameters/limits for leave requests

NOTE: Journyx no longer supports the Internet Explorer browser.   Microsoft no longer updates Internet Explorer.  Journyx is supported on modern versions of Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Journyx 12.6.0 is only available for cloud customers.  Click on the PDF link above to read more.  For more information about the Journyx 12.6.0, please contact your account representative at +1 800-755-9878 or