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JX-1099    Team assignment should not continue to show on My Assignments after self-assignment

JX-1222    Latest Baseline not visible on scheduled project modification screen

JX-1354    Menu items for Accrual Calculator show when not included in license key

JX-1441    Conversions don't work on expense if a selection is changed after conversion field selected

JX-1524    Accrual balance allows and/or shows more than 2 decimal places when it should be limited to 2

JX-1538    Adjust CSS for printing biweekly allocation time entry with PRE from browser

JX-1543    Add approval system setting to hide View Full Sheet link on Project Approvals for VIP

JX-1572    Mobile is opening prior/future period sheets when it should not

JX-1582    Editing default objects with / in the name shows an error

JX-1583    Expense/custom DVT checking on save broken in mobile

JX-1590    Approvers want full sheet view as option in manager sheet/project approvals

JX-1597    New setting to show project description on approval sheet view & message alignment fix

JX-1598    Actual Hours not represented on new PX assignment screens in expected locations

JX-1601    Allocation punch clock not showing clock in mobile

JX-1603    PX search for assignment users can be slow with lots of assignments with thousands of hours

JX-1608    Percent time entry won't accept 100% with certain DVT configurations

JX-1610    Sheet approval date format DDMMYY switching to MMDDYY after search

JX-1618    Accrual limits with non-zero value in tenths place may erroneously trigger limit warning on approval

JX-1632    Group Memorized Sheet default cannot be unset to no default on user management

JX-1638    Tooltip position is blocking the project link on scheduled project status report with a single item

JX-1645    Restoredb overwrites accrual calculator code with old files

JX-1656    REST API optimization for project management performance

JX-1677    Double records after reject a sheet with 2 different projects and approvers in crew entry

JX-1680    Azure sign-in problems loading validation key