Product/VersionStandard SupportExtended Support
Journyx/PX 9.xEnded May 2019Ended May 2020
Journyx/PX 10.xEnded May 2020Ended May 2021
Journyx/PX 11.xEnded Nov 2020Ends May 2022
Journyx/PX 12.1.xEnded Nov 2021Ends Nov 2022
Journyx/PX 12.2.xEnds May 2022Ends May 2023
Journyx/PX 12.3.xEnds Nov 2022Ends Nov 2023
Journyx/PX 12.4.xEnds May 2023Ends May 2024
Journyx/PX 12.5.xEnds Nov 2023Ends Nov 2024

STANDARD SUPPORT:  Fixes are delivered regularly scheduled maintenance releases.  All maintenance releases are regression tested.  Ad-hoc patches may be available for severe issues.

EXTENDED SUPPORT:  Ad-hoc patches may be available for severe issues.  Maintenance releases subject to regression testing are no longer available.  Consultative support for less severe issues like advice and work arounds still available.

PAID SUPPORT (only option after extended support ends):  Ad-hoc patches for severe issues and/or consultative support may be available at a billable hourly rate.