This document describes the process for accessing and using a Journyx-hosted Accountlink server and application. This process should be performed by an authorized Journyx administrator within your organization and may require the assistance by a member of your IT staff.


Before you begin, you need to gather the following information or requirements:

  1. You will need to provide to Journyx IT or your Journyx Account Manager a STATIC public IP address that your computer will be using when making the connection to the Accountlink server. You can confirm your public IP by going to and reviewing the listed IP. This will be added to an allow list for any future connections.

    Please note that the public IP configured for a home Internet Service Provider (ISP) changes frequently and should not be used. Journyx suggests connecting to your company's VPN network to get a static public IP address and provide that to be added to the allow list. If you have questions regarding which IP to provide, please discuss this with your Journyx Account Manager and a member of your IT staff.

  2. Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client
  3. The Accountlink server name and login credentials. Contact your Journyx Account Manager for this information.

Access the Journyx-Hosted Accountlink Server

  1. Using your Windows computer, confirm you are using the correct public IP by referring to the requirements listed above. If your public IP does not match the IP you previously provided to Journyx, then the connection will fail.
  2. Once on the correct public IP, open up the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) app on your Windows computer. If you are unsure how to do this, please reach out to a member of your IT staff for assistance.
  3. Enter the computer name and username that was provided by your Journyx Account Manager, then press Connect

  4. If prompted to connect to an unknown publisher, please check the box to not ask again and press connect

  5. When requested, enter the password provided by your Journyx Account Manager and press Enter
  6. If prompted with a certificate error window, please check the box to not ask again and press Yes

  7. If the login information was entered correctly, then you will be signed into your Journyx-hosted Accountlink server

Performing manual syncs within Accountlink

Accountlink runs as a standalone Windows desktop application with a fully interactive user interface. Depending on the Accountlink installation type, there could be 3 different sync options - Business, Time, and Expense. Please note that Accountlink versions vary and not all sync options may be available in your version of Accountlink.

  • SYNC BUSINESS - Create and update all the objects managed in your ERP and needed in Journyx, as well as the necessary relationships between the objects. This includes, but is not limited to: employees, projects, cost categories and pay codes. The exact list of data depends on your specific implementation.
  • SYNC TIME - Transfer all approved time records to your ERP
  • SYNC EXPENSE - Transfer all approved expense records to your ERP

Run Accountlink and perform a manual sync:

  1. Open the Accountlink app using the shortcut that was created during installation either on your Desktop or in the Windows Start Menu under "JournyxAccountlink"
  2. When launched, select the type of sync you wish to run - Business, Time, or Expense
  3. Once your selection is made, you will be prompted for the necessary information to establish a connection to both your ERP database and Journyx. All fields should be pre-populated but if not, please contact Journyx support for assistance - If all connections are made successfully, click Continue to proceed.
  4. Once both connections have been successfully established, you will have the option to preview the records that are going to be synchronized or skip the preview and immediately synchronize all records

    The preview is particularly useful during implementation and testing of your new system to give you the ability to review the data prior to synchronizing and ensure its accuracy. Choosing the option to synchronize data without previewing first will mean that you don't have the ability to make any corrections before everything is committed; which is more common after you have performed several syncs and are comfortable with the process overall
  5. Once ready, click to synchronize the records

If you have any questions, contact your Journyx Account Manager or email