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    JX-697      Schedule option "Monthly By End" shows error when trying to schedule

    JX-1014    Approval compliance viewer lost link to view in approvals mode

    JX-1024    Modify user link in approval compliance viewer no longer checks for ability

    JX-1030    Self-assignment dialog not triggered by assignment-based entry on My Assignments

    JX-1032    Preview rate report not showing up

    JX-1040    Project approval actions not available after sheet approved

    JX-1041    EmailAppr cronevent doesn't migrate to 12.3

    JX-1044    getPeriodForDate API method fails entirely if it fails to retrieve one of the sheets

    JX-1046    Rule policy not increasing accrual as it should be

    JX-1047    HTML in text of warning message for hard accruals

    JX-1052    PX reassign from user to user or team to user is not working as documented

    JX-1063    Group memorized sheet page load does not show All group in search results

    JX-1069    User select list shows users that are not visible to the manager on accruals management

    JX-1075    User approver gets permissions error on project approval sheet unless the also a sheet approver

    JX-1076    User select list on sheet and project approvals not respecting approver role in group

    JX-1080    Dollar sign in reject message shows error when loading sheet

    JX-1083    Holiday project doesn't populate when using My Projects List on line item entry

    JX-1098    Group filter in reports doesn't return inactive users

    JX-1100    Team user select has no way to search for users by group

    JX-1102    Task unassigned work should maintain task dates

    JX-1105    Rate report rule for a selected activity only firing for lowest time entry with ALL HOURS target

    JX-1108    Accruals search by user's group not working

    JX-1121    Group box on user create/modify screen is smaller than it used to be

    JX-1132    GUI name is not determined correctly for landing page

    JX-1138    'Group Admin' role not able to modify inactive user

    JX-1142    User search results list shows users that are not visible to the manager on accruals management

    JX-1147    Manage menu should not show User Accounts when nothing in submenu is available

    JX-1149    Timekeeper should not see expense and custom entry options when role does not include them

    JX-1151    System report on entry column dependencies is showing a filter option when it should not

    JX-1169    Total on approval screen does not match submitted total on user entry screen

    JX-1170    Accrual report not counting Accrual Calculator import action in detailed total

    JX-1183    User with no time entry role gets sheet for their user when doing entry for others

    JX-1192    Tooltip on link to sheet in timekeeeping showing HTML

    JX-1194    Changing date in approval compliance viewer loses manager selection

    JX-1207    HTML in approval plan warning text when email notifications are disabled

    JX-1212    Basic users can see columns on entry screens that they shouldn't

    JX-1216    Credit card expense import error

    JX-1220    Scheduled reports in web printable format not running

    JX-1227    Approval filter for Group Approvers should be "View sheets in my group waiting for approval"

    JX-1238    Zero days and zero subtotals not showing up in web format reports

    JX-1244    Approval through approval compliance viewer not available to primary or backup approvers

    JX-1268    Management screens do not show search icon when custom fields are reduced to search only

    JX-1293    jxAPI is not returning rules for given rulesets

    JX-1325    New select lists can get cut off by menus

    JX-1332    Used passwords to block set to zero does not work

    JX-1337    Project custom fields are blank when added to project approvals screen

    JX-1349    Timesheet print CSS fixes

    JX-1351    Unassigned memorized sheets still loading on user's sheets

    JX-1375    Error approving a sheet where a project on the sheet is set to reportable only

    JX-1377    Subtotal on web format reports show incorrect date range for the initial period