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  • MOBILE-132 STORY: Improve handling of non-weekly sheets on Android
  • MOBILE-166 STORY: Improve entry delete performance and consistency
  • MOBILE-210 STORY: Visibility to user in/out times on manager approvals
  • MOBILE-231 STORY: Support for user's preferred time format (decimal or HH:MM)
  • MOBILE-234 STORY: Enter in/out times manually on an allocation time entry screen
  • MOBILE-235 STORY: Accrual balances available on mobile dashboard
  • MOBILE-263 BUG:  Custom label for "Comments" field is not shown in Android
  • MOBILE-276 BUG: Hard limit that blocks entry shows erroneous save confirmation 
  • MOBILE-278 BUG: Editing entry in Android causes crash when lacking access to defaults