The Greenwich release includes a new team assignments feature for Journyx PX.  Team assignments allow you to block off the future availability of a team without requiring you to pick the specific team member(s) who will do the work when the time comes.   PX customers can create as many teams as needed, and PX will show you aggregated resource availability metrics based on the members of each team.  


A quick run-down of things you can do with team assignments includes: 

  • Create teams of resources based on skills, locations or any other custom information
  • Review future team capacity in relation to individual team member assignments
  • Allow members to “grab” team assignments and assign to themselves when ready to work
  • Provide managers with specific role abilities to manage teams as needed
  • Set up teams and team assignments in the PX interface or via imports
  • Report on team assignments in standard reports and Reportlink

Click here to see how team assignments can help you manage your resources more effectively.