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    FEATURE: Grid format sheet view for time/expense/custom reports

    FEATURE: Allocation entry option to allow new rows with auto-population

    FEATURE: Automatic redirect on accrual management clicking a name

    FEATURE: New multi-value chart type to compare or stack selected data points

    FEATURE:  Block creation of groups with duplicate names

    FEATURE:  Block manual approval plan creation if Org Chart Manager is in use

    FEATURE: Assignments for teams in Journyx PX

    FEATURE: Availability and capacity calculations for PX teams

    FEATURE:  API updates to manage PX teams

    FEATURE:  User interface for managing PX teams

    FEATURE:  Abilities and roles to manage PX teams

    FEATURE:  "Skills" logic to tie user custom field information to PX teams

    FEATURE:  Add PX teams selection to user management

    FEATURE:  Alerts for PX teams

    FEATURE:  "My Assignments" screen work for PX teams

    FEATURE:  System report for PX teams

    FEATURE:  Import tool for PX teams

    FEATURE:  Update existing assignment, project, user imports for PX teams

    FEATURE:  Update the assignment report to include PX teams information

    FEATURE:  Update Reportlink feed for assignments to include JX teams

    FEATURE:  Add user-modify ability to default QuickBooks Admin role

    FIX:  Summary and drill down in new reports is subtotaling fields it should not

    FIX:  Improve notifications checking performance and remove administrators 

    FIX:  New printable report format lost scale option in save to PDF dialog for Chrome

    FIX:  View Report link on entry sheet to printable format loses values if source report has invalid filters

    FIX:  Reduce white space that was added to report printable format in 12.1x